Install A Rainbow Swing Set For Your Children At Your Home

Rainbow Play Systems are versatile swing sets designed for children of all ages. These swing sets are beautiful and built to last for years with minimal maintenance. Rainbow swing sets are available in many different configurations. They can be installed in any backyard or play area even on ground that is not level. Here are some of the features of Rainbow swing sets that you can install for your children:

Swings:  The swing seats installed on a Rainbow swing set can vary from full-bucket swings for young toddlers to half-bucket swings, to classic sling swings for older children. Specialty swings are also available that include tire swings, chair swings, gliders, discs, and inflatable balls. These swings are interchangeable and can be swapped whenever your children outgrow one style and need another.

Slides and Tubes:  Rainbow slides and tubes can be simple or complex and allow children to safely slide down from upper play areas to the ground. Slides are built with deep sides to keep your children safe as they slide down. Tubes are available that allow your children to slide straight down or spiral to the ground.

Clubhouses:  Rainbow has many styles of clubhouses that you can include on a swing set. Some clubhouses are elevated and accessed by ladders, ropes, and climbing walls. Other clubhouses are on the ground level. All clubhouses come with safety rails to allow your children to safely look out when they are inside.    

Monkey Bars:  Different configurations of monkey bars can be installed under a Rainbow clubhouse or on a separate bridge or extension. These bars can be stationary or swinging. Other climbing rails and handholds are also available and can be installed anywhere they are needed on the swing set.

Climbing Walls:  A slanted climbing wall can be installed that allows your children to easily access an elevated clubhouse. This wall is similar to a vertical adult climbing wall. It can teach your children how to grab a rope and pull themselves up as they climb.

Picnic Tables:  You can include a picnic table in your Rainbow Play System to allow your children to relax, read, color, play games, do homework, have a snack, and/or visit with their friends. These tables are also available with an optional fabric cover to shade them from the sun.   

Installation and Warranties:  All Rainbow Play Systems are professionally installed for your specific swing set components and your yard. The redwood and cedar components of a Rainbow Play System come with a lifetime warranty. Other Rainbow components come with a five-year warranty that includes all hardware and specialty features.

You can start with a basic Rainbow swing set and add other components and features as desired. In that way, your Rainbow Play System can grow with your children to give them many hours of imaginative play.

Contact a company like Rainbow Play Systems of Colorado for more information and assistance.