3 Optional Upgrades To Consider For Your Outriggers For Tournament Fishing

It is the thrill of the open water and the excitement that goes along with getting the chance to be the winning sportfisher–there is a lot to enjoy about tournament fishing on the ocean. Outfitting your fishing vessel with the best accessories is all part of the fun of tournament fishing, so outriggers are a natural boating accessory for these events. While outriggers themselves give you stability and more opportunity for lines in the water, even outriggers can be outfitted and upgraded with cool accessories. Check out this short list of optional upgrades to consider for your outriggers for tournament fishing:

Heavy-Duty Arm Upgrades

When you get that big fish hooked on a line, there's no way you want a weak point in your outrigger to allow it to slip away. Prevent this from happening by investing in a heavy-duty arm upgrade for your outriggers. These usually come in kits from the manufacturer and include upgraded attachments like layout arm attachments that are a little larger in diameter and upper tip sections that have a little more 'umph' and diameter. Extra-heavy hold-in arms are also a part of arm upgrades to consider. These lock the lower shaft of the arm in place to offer more stability when you land a big fish on one of your lines. 

Top Pole Hardware Kit 

When you are in the middle of a tournament, the last thing you want to do is leave the water. Unfortunately, if you lose one of the smaller pieces of your outrigger poles in the middle of a tournament and don't have replacement parts on deck, you may be left doing just that. Instead, it is best to invest in a few of the smaller replacement parts and accessories, such as the top pole hardware kit that consists of anodized aluminum collars, bushings, and outrigger tips for replacement in a pinch. 

Release Clips 

Tensioning the line properly and releasing it at will makes fishing on the ocean a lot less of a struggle. Unfortunately, adjusting lines on some outriggers can be a pain if you don't have a good release clip to go along with the outriggers. Release clips allow you to quickly adjust the tension of the line when you are using different rigs with different weights. Therefore, you will not have to worry about getting tangled and twisted lines when you change baits or fishing lures. 

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