Prepare To Skydive

If one of the things listed on your bucket list is to go skydiving, but you are slightly scared about doing so and are skeptical about how safe the activity is, use the tips below to help you overcome your fear and prepare for your first jump.

Sign Up For Classes

A business that offers skydiving classes will require participants to complete a class that will teach a newcomer about safety gear that needs to be worn, how to position one's body as they begin descending, how to open their parachute, and how to respond if a parachute fails to open. During a class, you may be paired up with a seasoned skydiver.

After learning how to put on gear, the person who you are partnered with may stand behind you and show you how to bend or straighten your arms and legs. They will describe what you would be experiencing if you were truly skydiving and will encourage you to practice skydiving moves until you have mastered them.

Try Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving venues provide people with the opportunity to experience what it feels like to fly without needing to jump from an airplane. A wind tunnel that utilizes large fans will keep a person suspended during an indoor skydiving session. Indoor skydiving is safe for people of all ages and may provide you with the adrenaline rush that you are looking for. During an indoor skydiving session, you should wear comfortable clothing and pull your hair back. You will be provided with a wind suit to put on over your clothing.

As you are suspended in the wind tunnel, practice moving your arms and legs and holding them at various angles to determine how your body will respond. Just like you learned in class, some movements will make you fly backward and others will assist with tilting your body or flying forward.

Watch Others And Take Note Of How They Move

Contact a skydiving business and inquire if you can watch others as they perform their jumps. You will likely need to watch skydiving sessions from a distance, so prepare yourself for viewing others by bringing along a pair of sunglasses and binoculars. During each jump, pay attention to how the skydiver and their partner move through the air. Take note of how quickly the divers parachutes open and the length of time that it takes the skydivers to land on the ground.