3 Things To Know About Hiring A Personal Trainer When You're Overweight

It can be difficult to hear from your family doctor that you're technically obese, but getting this news can also be the catalyst for change. If your body weight is so high, you likely don't know much about physical exercise. However, if you're eager to get moving to lower your weight to a healthier level and improve your fitness, you might wish to hire a personal trainer. As an exercise expert, your trainer will tailor a workout routine to your abilities — which, given your weight, may not be considerable just yet. Here are three things to know about hiring a personal trainer in this situation.

1. You'll Start Slowly

If you're dreaming about a vigorous workout that will help the pounds fall off, it's time to change your expectations a little. The truth is that when you're obese, an up-tempo workout might not be advisable. For example, your cardiovascular health might not allow you to move too quickly just yet. Don't be discouraged with your personal trainer's advice to start slowly. Something as simple as walking on the treadmill and lifting some light dumbbells might not seem like a huge thrill, but this workout is appropriate based on your weight and health.

2. Diet Will Be Important 

Workouts are important when it comes to lowering your body weight from the "obese" category, but you'll also need to change your eating habits. While your trainer might seem synonymous with working out, he or she will also be a trusted ally when it comes to you improving your diet. While vigorous workouts might not be safe just yet, dietary changes are something that you can make immediately — and your personal trainer can develop meal plans that you can follow to see quick results.

3. Progress Will Take Time

One of the challenges that relate to your weight is that it's relatively easy to pack on the pounds and can be a challenge to burn them off. Your personal trainer will do a good job of setting realistic goals with you. You might be eager to be able to buy a new wardrobe of clothing in just a few weeks' time, but the reality is that you aren't going to change your figure overnight. You will, however, be able to steadily lose weight if you follow the trainer's recommendations, but things will take time. Patience, especially early on, is integral to helping you avoid getting discouraged in the days and weeks ahead.