Sports-Themed Birthday Parties: How To Make The Most Of It

Birthday parties for boys are a little more difficult. It is not so easy finding a lot of boy birthday party-themed accessories. Even more complicated is the fact that sports-related birthday parties are kind of limited to what you can find. Still, here are a few ideas on how to make a sports-related birthday party (for a boy or girl!) the best it can be.

Creating the Cake

There are cake pans and molds out there that can help you make 3D spherical cakes. From that, you can create a baseball, softball, golf ball, basketball, soccer ball, or any other round ball you want. You could also opt for a 3D football cake with a football-shaped cake pan.

An alternative to cake is Rice Krispy treats, which can be died to the color of the ball that you are making (brown for a football, orange for a basketball, or yellow for a softball), and then quickly hand-molded into the appropriate shape. Wrap it with nonstick foil to keep the shape, and chill it in the freezer. If you have to, carve it with a knife later to even out its shape. Use the appropriate color frosting to add the lines, stitches, etc. If you want, set the ball on top of a sheet cake decorated like a grassy field, basketball court, etc.

Sports-Themed Cups and Plates

If you watch party stores, they feature sports-themed party plates and cups for pro-sports seasonal events. During the Super Bowl, you can buy plates and cups that look like footballs or are decorated with a football theme. During the Major League Baseball World Series, you can find baseball plates and baseball-themed cups. If the sport is in the middle of a championship, the party stores sell the related supplies.

Sports-Related Games

Sure, the kids could play the sport in the backyard, but aren't games so much more fun? There are books with lots of sports-related games and instructions available. Pick your five or more favorite game ideas, and plan to play those at the party. If you need help, certain educational and party favor companies offer mini sports balls to hand out as prizes or use in games. 

Table Covers with a Sports Theme and Sport-ball Balloons

Take butcher paper (white paper) and drape it over the table(s). Draw and color all kinds of sports balls on it. Write sports jargon all over it. It does not have to be fancy; everyone is going to make a mess on it and you are going to throw it out after the party anyway. As for balloons, there are plenty of oversized mylar sports-ball balloons.