Tips For Placing Your Deer Feeder In The Most Optimal Locations

If you want to use a deer feeding station to attract a herd while you are out deer hunting this fall, then it's important you place it in the right place in the woods. By placing a deer feeder in a place where deer naturally feed, you will greatly increase your chances of having venison in your freezer this winter.

If you do not have any previous experience using portable deer feeding stations, then these tips will help you be successful.

Tip: Ensure Using Deer Feeders Is Legal in the State Where You Will be Hunting

Before you purchase and use a deer feeder as a hunting aid, you absolutely must ensure it is legal. In states such as California, it is illegal to use feeders for attracting deer while hunting. In fact, it is also illegal to use them outside of the season to simply feed wild deer.

However, where they are legal to use, deer feeders greatly increase your chances of getting a deer to fill your tag during this fall's hunting season.

Tip: Locate a Game Trail and Place the Deer Feeder Near It

As deer walk through the woods, they travel along game trails. The game trails make the walking easier for deer herds and keep them from having to break their own trails through thick brush or tall grasses. 

Since deer travel on game trails, this is an ideal location to place your deer feeding station!

If you do not know how to identify a game trail, look for:

  • flattened grass
  • hoofprints and footprints
  • nearby water sources

Additionally, game trails tend to have scat on the ground and rub marks on trees surrounding them.

Tip: Avoid Setting Up Feeders in Open Areas

Deer don't typically travel or feed in wide-open areas. Being in an open area makes deer skittish and more prone to attack from predators such as mountain lions and bears. For this reason, your feeding station will not get the traffic you desire if you locate it in an open area.

Tip: Place the Feeder Where You Will Have a Clear Shot

Finally, since you are using the feeding station to attract a deer to hunt, make sure wherever you place it is an area where you can get off a clean shot. While a heavily-wooded area is ideal for deer, it will make it harder for you to get a clear shot off and could result in a miss or injured animal you have to track for a long way.

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