3 Types Of Trailers For Your Skid Steer

The right equipment is critical when it comes to doing any landscaping or construction around your home. A skid steer is a versatile machine that can be used to perform several vital functions.

Being able to transport your skid steer is important if you will be working at a friend's house or away from home. The right skid steer trailer will facilitate the loading, transport, and unloading of your valuable piece of equipment in the future.

1. Low-Boy Trailer

A low-boy trailer is a popular option for moving all types of heavy machinery. These trailers sit much closer to the ground than a traditional trailer. The low clearance allows you to easily drive your skid steer onto the trailer for transport.

The only drawback to using a low-boy to transport your equipment is that you will have to be careful not to scrape the undercarriage of the trailer when driving over bumps or through small drainage ditches.

2. Tilt Trailer

A tilt trailer offers the convenient loading of a low-boy while eliminating the low clearance issues associated with low-boy trailers. The bed of the trailer actually tilts to create a ramp that your skid steer can easily navigate. You simply drive up the ramp, then lower it back down into place for the duration of your trip.

You should try to invest in a tilt trailer that has a small stationary deck located at the front of the trailer. This stationary deck can house all of the attachments for your skid steer. You won't have to worry about the attachments shifting or sliding off the trailer when the tilt function is activated if they are stored on a stationary deck.

3. Dump Trailer

If you need a little more diversity than a flatbed trailer can offer, then you will want to consider a dump trailer when moving your skid steer. Dump trailers have higher sides than a flatbed. You can store all of the attachments for your skid steer on the bed of the trailer without worrying about them flying off during transit.

The skid steer is loaded using detachable ramps that can also sit inside the trailer when not in use. Once you have removed your skid steer from the dump trailer, it can double as a way to move dirt, rock, and other debris around any job site.

The right trailer will be convenient to use and provide maximum protection for your skid steer during transit. To learn more, visit sites like https://www.pullhp.com/.