Tips For Getting Started With Taking Spin Classes

Have you never taken a spin class before but want to give it a try? You may not know what to expect and how to get a good workout from it. Here are some tips to ensure that your spin class is a success. 

Come Ready To Sweat

Spin class is not something that you can casually peddle through. They can be quite intense when you follow the instructor and listen to their directions. It will be a good idea to ease into it with a beginner class, which can help ensure that you are keeping the right form and building the basics for success.

Keep Up With The Cadence 

If you only follow one thing that your instructor tells you during the class, it should be to keep up with the cadence. You can always increase or decrease the resistance, but keeping up with the cadence is going to keep you moving in a good way. In addition, keeping up with the cadence is what makes the spin class a fun experience. That's because the instructor will have a playlist where you are pedaling to the beat of the music. You may find that flat roads will have faster songs, and uphill climbs will have slower songs.

Match Resistance When Possible

One thing to remember in your fitness journey is to not compare your beginner's effort with a veteran's. You are just starting out with cycling, and it will take some time to build stamina and work up to the higher cadences. However, you should try to match the resistance guidance from your instructor when possible. Even if you are not matching the exact resistance number on your spin bike, try to increase it when they say to take it up and bring it down when they say to bring it down. The instructor may be introducing you to interval training. This is where you do a short burst of resistance to simulate an uphill climb, followed by a short burst of low resistance to simulate a flat road. 

Follow The Lifts When Possible

You will also be given instructions to lift yourself out of the seat at points during the ride. This is usually accompanied by increasing the resistance and keeping to the beat of the music. Work up to doing these lifts, and know that you can always sit them out if they feel like they are too much. As a beginner, you may need to take a breather and do every other lift as you get into the flow and your body gets used to it. 

Reach out to a fitness training facility for more information on spin classes.