What To Look For When Buying An Indoor Cycling Bike

Are you looking to get off the couch and get moving while at home, and you want to purchase an indoor cycling bike to do it? If so, it will help to know the following things to look for when purchasing a bike. 

Get Basket Pedals Or Clip On Shoes 

When you first start with indoor cycling, you may not realize how different it is from riding an actual bike. While normal pedals may have been just fine for riding around town, it is not going to cut it when you are riding an indoor cycling bike. One thing to keep in mind with these bikes is that the pedals are always moving as long as the flywheel is moving, so it is important that your feet stay in contact with the pedal at all times. Having some way to attach your feet to the pedals will prevent your feet from slipping and getting hit with the back of the pedal as it comes around.

You also need to understand the benefit of moving that flywheel with both feet at all times with your up and down strides. Basket pedals or clip-on shoes are going to ensure that both feet are working to provide energy to the pedals, which means that your stride moving up is going to be just as effective as that stride downward. This will help you get a more effective workout on the bike.

Get A Cadence Sensor

There are going to be indoor cycling bikes at both ends of the price spectrum, which gives you plenty of options for what kind of bike you get. One way that many bikes are different is in the number of sensors that they offer. You can get a high-end bike that will measure your resistance so that you know where you are at or have a built-in heart rate monitor to tell you how hard you're working out. However, the main sensor you'll want is one that measures the cadence.

Cadence measures how fast you are pedaling, and this can be incredibly helpful when taking indoor cycling classes. Instructors often shout out how fast you should be pedaling so that you can match their speed. While there are ways to figure it out without a cadence sensor, it will make workouts much more enjoyable to know if you're hitting that number. The alternative is to try to watch the instructor and match their legs, which may not be easy to do.

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