Add Custom Netting to a Golf Practice Area

Knotless or knotted nylon panels that contain a framework or clips can make practice sessions more productive for new and seasoned golfers who frequent your course. Netting can also aid with keeping equipment sorted. Read on to learn more about custom golf netting.


Nylon that is coated with a UV protectant and a water repellant is used to create high and low impact netting. Golf netting that contains clips will allow the tension of each fabric panel to be modified, depending upon the golfing application that will be performed. When a driver or an iron is being used to hit a ball at a high rate of speed, sports netting panels that remain taut while suspended will instantly stop a golf ball and cause it to drop to the ground.

Panels that are hung in a more relaxed fashion can be used when putters and wedges are being used. This type of netting can be used as a barrier that is secured in front of a waterway or bench seating, to prevent the loss of a ball and to prevent a ball from making impact with a spectator. Golf netting will contain cutouts that are smaller than the size of a standard golf ball. Some panels may contain a metal frame around them.


A practice cage and lanes can be used for putting or driving balls. A baffle is a fabric piece that is often suspended along the back wall of a cage. A baffle's edge will drape onto the ground or floor where a cage is set up. Each side of a cage can be constructed of netting.

Netting will serve as a barrier that will prevent a ball from escaping and will provide impact resistance. The baffle that is aligned near the back of a cage will absorb the impact of any ball that is hit directly toward the back of the practice area. Lanes will support several practice sessions that are being conducted by different people.

Netting that has been dyed a series of colors can be coordinated with the practice gear that you furnish. For instance, if you have chosen to use a series of balls that are the colors of the rainbow and have clubs that contain colored handles, using a specific netting color for each lane will help you keep your practice equipment classified at all times. Assign one color for each lane and count up the balls and clubs at the end of each session.