How To Teach Basketball To Your Daughter Or Son

Basketball is not a difficult sport to play. However, if your daughter or son is just getting started, you might want them to learn how to play the game well as a confidence booster. There are several basic techniques to get started.

Ball Handling

The most basic skill to learn is how to handle the ball. It's important to learn how to hold the ball and how to dribble it. Dribbling is the act of bouncing a ball and controlling the position o the ball. A player who cannot dribble effectively might try to carry the ball, which is against the rules and would lead to penalties. 


A common way to practice dribbling is by performing a stationary drill. This involves dribbling in-between one's legs in a stationary motion. The participant tries to dribble the ball at different heights until they have mastered the practice. There are also other drills such as tight chairs and dribble tags.

Shooting the Ball

After building up confidence in dribbling, the next step is to learn how to become effective at shooting the ball. Simply tossing the ball up into the air at the basketball hoop will most likely lead to a rim shot or nothing but net. To shoot the ball correctly, it's important to steady the ball with one hand and to use the other hand to launch the ball into the air above the basket.

Shooting Hoops

It takes some practice, but eventually, a basketball player can learn to shoot the basketball in an arc and have it land right in the hoop. The only way to get good at this is with constant practice. Make sure to shoot hoops every day until this skill has been completely mastered. 

Youth Travel Basketball

One of the best ways to learn basketball is to participate in youth travel basketball. The goal of youth travel basketball is to learn skills that will lead to collective success as part of a team. Each team member participates in local practices and then plays basketball in a halftime sports tournament. Winning your first tournament can be a great confidence booster.

Why Basketball is So Fun

Learning a sport is a great way to learn skills such as teamwork and is a great opportunity to make friends. In some cases, playing basketball can even open up opportunities such as scholarships. But most importantly, participating in a youth travel basketball team is a lot of fun. Turn to a service such as USA Prime Arizona.