2 Questions To Ask Yourself When Purchasing A Blind Bag For Your Next Waterfowl Hunting Trip

Before your next trip going duck hunting, you may have decided that you need a bag to carry all of your gear in. However, when you go to the sporting goods store, you'll likely find that there are many to choose from, leaving you to wonder which would be the best choice.

If so, the first thing that you should think about is the type of features you need. Below are a couple of questions you can ask yourself when selecting a new blind bag.

1. Will You Have to Go Through Deep Water at Any Point During Your Hunting Trip?

One question that you can ask yourself before you purchase a bag for your next hunting trip has to do with the expected depth of water you will need to go through. Will you only be wading through water that is ankle-deep? Or, is there a chance that you will have to go through deeper water to get to your blind?

If the answer is the latter, look for a bag that has inserts that allow it to float on the water's surface. This feature keeps you from losing your bag as you wade through deep water while keeping excess water out of its compartments.

2. How Much and What Type of Gear Do You Plan on Taking with You?

Another question you should ask yourself has to do with your gear. Do you plan on only taking the essentials with you, such as ammunition, duck calls, and a snack? Or, do you have extra gear, such as a portable coffeemaker and decoys?

If you will have extra gear, choose a blind bag that has a large number of pockets in assorted sizes where you can keep the items in watertight compartments. You should also look for a bag that is lightweight by itself so that you are not too weighed down having to carry it and your gear.

By asking yourself the above questions, you can figure out what features are most important when making your selection. If you need to wade through deep water, a floatable bag is a must. And, if you plan on taking a lot of different types of gear, you need one that has enough pockets to accommodate them as well as light enough on its own to keep you from being too weighed down. For further assistance, speak with a sales representative at a sports shop that sells waterfowl hunting blind bags.