Three Rifle Bolt Upgrade Options

Many people who own rifles enjoy having the opportunity to spend some time working on their accuracy at a local shooting range. An activity that can be almost as fun and rewarding as target practice, however, is making various upgrades to their firearm. If you're a rifle owner who is interested in improving the functionality and look of your rifle, visiting your local gun shop will give you plenty of inspiration. Whether you want to tackle a major upgrade that will take hours to complete or perform something small and simple, you'll have the parts at your disposal. One simple project is to upgrade the bolt of your rifle. Here are three upgrades that may interest you.


On many rifles, the bolt is made of smooth metal. You may find that you sometimes reach for the bolt and have your hand slip off the metal because of its smooth surface. This is a good time to consider upgrading to a bolt that is easier to grip, and a textured model may appeal to you. Gun shops carry all sorts of textured rifle bolts. You can handle a few of these products to get a sense of how much grip they provide. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to grab the bolt and move it when it has a textured surface.


Another bolt upgrade that you might consider is choosing one that is larger than what you currently have. The size of a stock rifle bolt tends to be fairly small, and while this helps to give the firearm a sleek appearance, some people find that the bolt can be difficult to grip. For example, if you have arthritis in your hands, you might lack the dexterity that is required to confidently grip the bolt. You'll see all sorts of larger bolts at your local gun shop, and upgrading to one of these products will make your bolt easier to hold.


Some rifle owners enjoy upgrading their bolt to a model that simply offers more visual appeal. This type of upgrade won't change the functionality of your firearm, but it will have a big impact on how the rifle looks. For example, you'll often see bolts that have a carbon fiber finish. On a rifle that you're upgrading to have more of a tactical look, this type of bolt can be a good addition.

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