Three Things To Consider When Storing Ammo

Stocking up on ammo can be a good idea, particularly if you find a good sale or you shoot frequently. You want to protect the investment, though. The following are the three main things you need to consider when storing ammo.   Temperature The temperature at which your ammo is stored can have a major effect on the ammunition. Extreme heat, generally over 100 degrees F, is a major concern because heat causes the compounds inside the shells to become gas.

Are You Ready To Commute To Work On Your Bike For The First Time? Use These Tips For A Safe Trip

Bicycles are rapidly becoming one of the hottest forms of transportation among people who value productivity. After all, your decision to ride a bike to work helps you fit in a round of physical activity that helps you stay healthy while also saving money on gas. While you should be excited about your decision, you may also be a little apprehensive about riding in a busy community. As you prep for your new commute, use these tips to increase your safety on the road.